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Human Rights / Discrimination Complaint
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Human Rights / Discrimination Complaint Form

Consent on Personal Information Collection and Use

1. Purpose: To receive consultation applications, verify applications, provide answers to questions, conduct investigations,
    and notify results.
2. Items of personal information to collect: Name, date of birth, nationality, telephone number, and e-mail address.
3. Period of retaining and using personal information: Three (3) years from the date of consultation termination or
    upon the request of the Information Owner to delete the personal information.
4. You may reject the Agreement of Collecting and Using Personal Information,
    in which case you are limited in applying for consultation or filing a salvage claim.
*The collected personal information shall not be used for any purpose other than those defined above.


- When filing an application, you should fill in information and contents precisely.
- Application revision can be requested, when the purpose applied is not clear due to the lack of facts and contents.
- If you need more space for describing details and contents of the incident(s), you can use additional sheets.
  In this case, it is recommended to add page numbers.
- If you are a member of an entity, it is advisable to elect a representative and to file a case in the name of the
- If you have additional documents related with the incident(s), submit an application form with attached documents.

Who can apply

- Person concerned, or a citizen or an entity in Gyeonggi province who finds that a third person has been infringed on
   human rights or racial discrimination.

Cases below may be excluded from consultation

- In case a person concerned does not want to proceed the investigation applied by a third person.
- In case, regarding human rights violations, court trials, investigations by official organization
  or other programs according to laws and ordinances are in progress.
- In case there is no reason to investigate, or false accusation, or in case an applicant obviously has other purposes.
- In case the same matter has already been consulted.

Information Insert

(*) Marked items are obligatory to fill out.

Name *
Date of birth         YYYY-MM-DD
Telephone no.
(Mobile no.)*
- -
Victim (If you are filing a complaint on behalf of another individual)
Date of birth         YYYY-MM-DD
Relationship to the applicant*
Telephone no.
(Mobile no.)*
- -
Does the victim know that you are complaining on behalf of him/her? (Please select one, if you are filing a complaint on behalf of another individual)

Person(s) you are complaining against
Contact - -
Details on the incident(s) of human rights violations and racial discrimination*
Date         YYYY-MM-DD
Evidence or materials for verifying the stated human rights violations or racial discrimination