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Human Rights / Discrimination Complaint
Online Application

How to apply


- When filing an application, you should fill in information and contents precisely.
- Application revision can be requested, when the purpose applied is not clear due to the lack of facts and contents.
- If you need more space for describing details and contents of the incident(s), you can use additional sheets.
  In this case, it is recommended to add page numbers.
- If you are a member of an entity, it is advisable to elect a representative and to file a case in the name of the
- If you have additional documents related with the incident(s), submit an application form with attached documents.

Who can apply

- Person concerned, or a citizen or an entity in Gyeonggi province who finds that a third person has been infringed on
   human rights or racial discrimination.

How to apply

- On-line application Go to On-line application
- E-mail: gmhr@gmhr.or.kr (Scan and transmit an application form with signature or seal)
- Fax: 031-492-9349 (Scan and transmit an application form with signature or seal)

Cases below may be excluded from consultation

- In case a person concerned does not want to proceed the investigation applied by a third person.
- In case, regarding human rights violations, court trials, investigations by official organization
  or other programs according to laws and ordinances are in progress.
- In case there is no reason to investigate, or false accusation, or in case an applicant obviously has other purposes.
- In case the same matter has already been consulted.